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2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid [2,4-D ACID]

2, 4-D Acid is a selective systematic herbicide. 2,4-D a member of the phenoxy family herbicides was the first successful selective herbicide developed, was introduced in 1946 and rapidly became the most used herbicides in the world. Its salts are readily absorbed by roots, whilst esters are readily absorbed by foliage translocation with accumulations principally at the meristematic regions of shoots and roots. 2,4-D being fully soluble in water is compatible with other non-selective herbicides like glyphosate, paraquat, diuron, dicamba etc and by mixing in different proportion yields in total control of mixed weed population.

Annual Capacity : 2000 MT
Molecular Formula : Cl2C6H3OCH2COOH
CAS No. : 94-75-7
Molecular Weight : 221.0
Appearance : Dull white to light colored material
with a slight Phenolic odor.
Purity : 98% Min.
Free Phenol as
2,4- Dichlorophenol
: 0.30% Max.
Sulphated Ash : 0.5% Max.
Insolubles in : 0.10% Max.
Melting Point
: 136°C to 140°C
Loss at 105°C (Total water) : 1.50% Max.
Proper Shipping Name : 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid (2,4-D)
UN No. : 2765
IMCO Class : 6.1 Packaging Group III

2,4-D Acid is an aryloxyalkanoic acid based post- emergence selective herbicide. It is an outstanding herbicide extensively used all over the world to control weeds. 2,4-D Acid is a strong acid and forms water soluble salts with alkali metals and amines.

We offer packing in 25-50 Kgs. HDPE/ Paper Bags with heat sealed LDPE Liner inside