Swati Chemical Industries  
Chloro Acetyl Chloride – [CAC]

Chloro Acetyl Chloride manufactured by Swati Chemical Industries is as per international standards. It acts as an active intermediate for manufacture of various Pharmaceuticals & Agrochemicals. We have in-house production facilities for MCA & SMC which being used as raw- materials for CAC thereby having control of various parameters as per customer’s specific requirements & needs to ensure timely deliveries at most competitive prices.

Annual Capacity : 2000 MT
Molecular Formula : CLCH2COCL
CAS No : 79-04-9
Molecular Weight : 113
Appearance :
Clear Colorless Liquid with
Pungent Odor.
Assay [By G.C.] : 99.5 % Min.
Specific Gravity at 20°C : 1.42
Boiling Range : 105 – 107°C
DCA Contents : 0.3 % Max.
SO2 Contents : 0.1 % Max.
Solubility : Partially soluble in Di-ethyl Ether, Acetone
Proper Shipping Name : Chloro Acetyl Chloride
UN No. : 1752
IMCO Class : 6.1
IMDG Page No. : 6099 PG 1

In the manufacture of Agrochemicals; Alachlor, Butachlor, Anilophos, Acetochlor etc. In Pharmaceuticals; Diclofenac Sodium, Diazepam, Lidocaine, Lignocaine, Nitrazepam etc.


We offer packing in 70/ 250Kgs. UN approved HMHDPE Composite Barrels. In bulk, ISO Containers are also being supplied.