Swati Chemical Industries  

Hydrochloric Acid– [HCL]

Hydrochloric Acid manufactured by us is our bye-product produced during the manufacture of MCA. It is commercial grade (30-32%).

Annual Capacity : 7200 MT
Molecular Formula : HCl
Description :
Colourless to light yellow colour, mobile liquid Without any suspended matter, Odor characteristics
CAS No. : 7647-01-1
Assay, % by mass : 30 to 32%
Specific Gravity 20/20°C : 1.145-1.150
Free Chlorine & Bromine % by mass, max.7 : 0.002 Max.
Iron as Fe (PPM) : 15 Max.
Non volatile, residue % by mass : 0.01 Max.
Proper Shipping Name : Hydrochloric Acid
UN No. : 1789
IMCO Class : 8 Packaging Group II

It is used in manufacture of Amino Acids, Hydro chlorination of Organic compounds, Alcohol denaturation, Water treatment resin regeneration and in Pickling and metal cleaning.

Bulk supply in rubber lined tankers. ISO Containers