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Sodium Mono Chloro Acetate - [SMCA]

Sodium Mono Chloro Acetate is a versatile product used extensively in the manufacture of various Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals etc. Indian origin SMCA holds a very good potential for exports being consistent over quality. Swati Chemical Industries has skilled workforce and in-house production facilities for few of its raw-materials i.e. MCA to cater to customer’s specific requirements and thereby service effectively.

Annual Capacity : 2500 MT
Molecular Formula : Cl-CH2COONa
CAS No. : 3926-62-3
Molecular Weight : 116.5
Appearance : White Crystalline Powder without any Perceptible Odor.
Assay (on dry basis) % by mass : 98% Min.
Moisture contents % by mass : 1% Max.
Inorganic Chlorides (as CL) % by mass : 0.5% Max.
Acidity as MCA % by mass : 0.5% Max.
Alkalinity (as Na2CO3) % by mass : 0.2% Max.
Sodium Dichloroacetate % by mass : 0.5% Max.
Proper Shipping Name : Sodium Mono Chloro Acetate
UN No. : 2659
IMCO Class : 6.1 Packaging Group III
IMDG Page No. : 6165.1 PG 1
MFAG : 540
EMS : 6.1-04

Intermediate for Pesticides, Insecticides, Pharmaceuticals, Auxiliaries, Textile, Thioglycolic Acid, Dextrin and Glycine.

Our usual packing is in 50 kgs. HDPE Bags with Heat Sealed LDPE Liner. On specific requirements packing in 20/25 kgs. Paper bags is also being done.